Why Should We Ever Tell Others How We Feel?



Is this a date? Is he on our side? Should we go out with this person? Will I be rejected? In the mind we have almost infinite possibilities. But the actual date can be set by many things, and sometimes it is difficult to know. What to do?

The date will have been set by the emotions in your body and mind, from the excitement to the nervousness to the butterflies in your stomach. These emotions are there to let you know if you should go out with this person, or not. Sometimes we go out of fear of what might happen, but mostly we go out of excitement of experiencing what others aren't. Then the mind will try to justify the date.

Now the date may have been set by how much you love the person. Perhaps you are excited and really want to go out, but the fear is more that you might be rejected than you love this person. It is hard to be rejected on these new dating sites. However, we don't have to tell others how we feel. We can just tell our minds. If we think about the date and how it could go, we won't go out with them. Then our emotions will tell us that we are on our way out. Our mind has already decided the date, and it won't go out with us if we feel afraid.

The good news is that the mind only knows truth and is free from our emotions. So we can let our minds know the truth, which is that we love this person, and when we see the good things that could happen in the future, we will feel better about ourselves and go out with them. And then our mind will feel peaceful and we won't try to justify ourselves to others. And most of all we will know the truth.

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